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'Business as usual' at Gatwick Airport despite baggage fears

Staff at Gatwick Airport have said it is "business as usual" today despite fears over potential delays at baggage reclaim.

Gatwick Airport is bringing in its own staff to help with the luggage crisis amid fears there could be further travel chaos this weekend.

Staff shortages affecting baggage-handling company Swissport led to some passengers at the West Sussex airport having to leave without their luggage last weekend.

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Gatwick: Swissport has 'failed to meet standards'

The baggage handling firm behind four hour delays for Gatwick's arrivals passengers have "failed to meet standards", officials from the airport have said.

The spokesman for the airport said they were working "closely" with Swissport and was bringing in additional staff.

We have established service standards for our own staff, as well as for ground handling agents, who supply services to airlines such as unloading baggage from aircraft and delivering them to the baggage hall.

Recently, Swissport has failed to meet these standards. Although bags are being delivered on time for 95% of flights, this is not good enough.

This has been frustrating for passengers and we are disappointed with the recent arrival baggage service.

Swissport has committed to getting this right, and we are working closely with them to help.

Gatwick is providing additional staff. Although we are not permitted to unload the aircraft, we are assisting with transport of bags to the terminal and the unloading of bags onto belts.

We've also introduced a free baggage home delivery service for those who prefer not to wait.

– Spokesman for Gatwick Airport

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