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PM: Nato must rethink its relationship with Russia

Prime Minister David Cameron has said Nato must rethink its long-term relationship with Russia in the wake of its "illegal" actions in Ukraine.

He also called for Nato's members to take measures to ensure it can respond quickly to any threat from Moscow.

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Ukraine army makes gains against pro-Russian rebels

Ukrainian forces made gains against pro-Russian rebels in east of the country, seizing the towns of Krasnogorovka and Staromikhailovka just outside of Donetsk.

Ukrainian servicemen near the town of Debaltseve in Donetsk region. Credit: REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

The seizure brought the army to the edge of one of the last cities still in rebel hands following its advances in the past month. The other is Luhansk, near the border with Russia.

Shelling near the area where a Malaysian airliner was downed last month forced international experts to stop their search for victims at one part of the crash site, but a local ceasefire enabled them to work unhindered at the main part.

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