WHO: Ebola death toll rises to more than 2,700

A total of 2,793 people have now died from Ebola, the World Health Organisation said.

The organisation reported 5,762 cases across five countries, but said the Ebola outbreak was "pretty much contained" in Senegal and Nigeria.

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Atlanta hospital 'best in the world to care for Ebola victims'

The Atlanta hospital where two American Ebola victims will be treated is the "best in the world to care for them," a medical expert has said.

Dr Kent Branty, left, has to be helped out of the ambulance. Credit: APTN

Dr Kent Branty arrived at the Emory University Hospital on Saturday after contracting the deadly virus in Liberia.

He was driven inside the grounds by a medical team who ensured he was kept in isolation the whole time.

As he got out the back of the vehicle, dressed in a white hazard suit, he had to be helped into the hospital.

Dr Kent Branty, right, wears a white hazard suit as he is led into the hospital. Credit: APTN

The second US victim, Nancy Writebol, will arrive in the next few days.

Dr Jay B. Varkey, an infectious disease specialist at the hospital, said: "I can't think of a better place in the world to care for this patient."

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