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Lights Out as Britain commemorates WW1

Britain's most famous landmarks including the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and Gateshead's Millennium Bridge were plunged into darkness for an hour last night to mark the moment Britain first declared war on Germany in 1914.

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Duke pays tribute to 'courageous' Belgians during WW1

The Duke of Cambridge has paid tribute to the Belgian people for their "courageous resistance" in the First World War, as he gave a speech in Liege marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the war.

He said: "Among the very first victims [of WW1] were the people of Belgium whose resistance was as gallant as their suffering was great.

"The magnificent war memorial where we gather today honours the city of Liege and its people for their courageous resistance in 1914.

"The memorial and this ceremony also honours all Belgians who fought, suffered and died in the Great War".

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