Eight children aged 12 and 13 disqualified from driving

Eight children aged 12 or 13-years-old are among those who are disqualified from driving, according to figures from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

The children are just a few of the 230 people under the age of 17 who are currently disqualified.

Eight children aged 12 and 13 are currently disqualified from driving Credit: Andrew Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The figures were supplied by the following a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

  • They showed that 92,136 people in the UK were disqualified from driving between July 2013 and June 2014
  • Of those about 62,000 are still disqualified
  • As many as 36,001 of the 92,136 were in the 20-30 age range
  • Only 3,874 of the disqualifications involved drivers in their 60s and only 15% involved women motorists