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Holidaymakers warned about what they share on social media

Brits off on their holidays are being warned not to post photos of their trip on social media, as it could make them vulnerable to burglary, according to a major insurer.

Research by The Co-operative Insurance found those aged 18-24 are the most likely to post about holidays online (68 per cent) but this falls to just 32 per cent for the over 55s.

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Holidaymakers warned about sharing on social media

Holidaymakers are being warned against boasting about their trip on social media as it could be used by criminals planning a burglary, according to a think tank.

Lax privacy settings and bragging online are giving burglars a boost. Credit: PA

This information can be seized by thieves - according to research from Demos, some 78% of ex-burglars said they strongly believed social media platforms are being used to target property.

Research by The Co-Operative Insurance found over half (51%) of holidaymakers admitted to using social media to post reports of what they were up to abroad.

Some 68% of 18-24-year-olds posted about their holidays online while they were away, the data showed.

However, only 32% of the over 55s were as carefree with their holiday snaps on social media.

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