Over half of office workers 'check emails on holiday'

Some 52% of office workers check their emails while away on holiday, according to a survey.

Credit: PA

Online travel agent Travel Republic found young people were more likely to check their inbox while relaxing away from the office, with 52% admitting to logging in and 26% responding to messages.

Among those aged between 35-44, 45% said they let their out-of-office message do what it's intended for and never checked their emails.

Refusal to leave work behind caused some tension among couples on holiday - around 36% of the 1000 people who took part in the survey admitted to falling out on holiday over their partner's need to check emails.

Travel Republic's chief marketing officer Elliott Pritchard said most people felt relief when they took a break from work, but added: "As workplaces become busier, annual leave becomes more of a luxury, but the reality is that many office workers cannot completely turn off."