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Alex Salmond denies defeat in independence debate

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has refused to concede he lost last night's independence debate despite most most of this morning's newspaper headlines handing victory to the leader of the No campaign Alistair Darling.

The debate over Scottish independence has taken place with the first live television clash between the First Minister Alex Salmond and the man leading the campaign to keep the UK together Alistair Darling being shown on STV.

A poll conducted by ICM for the Guardian has found that Alistair Darling won the first Scottish independence debate by 56% to Alex Salmond's 44%.

There are now just over six weeks to go until voters in Scotland decide whether to remain in the UK or become an independent nation in the September 18 referendum.

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Darling attacks Salmond: What is your plan B?

One of the feistiest exchanges in the independence debate came as Alistair Darling pushed Alex Salmond for his "plan B" if Scotland doesn't get to keep the pound upon leaving the union.

Unhappy with his first answer in which Salmond attempted to quote his opponent, the former chancellor asked the SNP leader to "contemplate for just one minute that you might be wrong".

Mr Salmond refused to contemplate the loss of the pound as he raised his voice to be heard above shouts from the audience.

Watch the feisty exchange here:

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