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'Rich list' of council salaries published

Some 2,000 council staff in the UK have hit the £100,000-per-year salary mark, according to figures released by the TaxPayers' Alliance.

The 2012-13 Town Hall Rich List identified at least 2,181 staff who received total remuneration in excess of the six-figure mark, a 5 per cent drop on the previous year's figure of 2,295.

The list also showed 542 council employees who were paid in excess of £100,00 during 2012-13. Of these, 34 made £250,000 annually.

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Glasgow council has 'highest number of staff on £100k'

Glasgow council has been named the local authority with the most members earning £100,000, with 32 staff making it on the TaxPayer's Alliance Town Hall Rich List.

They also found:

  • Glasgow Council's then executive director of social care services David Crawford, was the highest paid employee, on a salary of £486,303. This included a redundancy payment.
  • The largest remuneration package in London in 2012-13 went to Paul Martin, chief executive of Wandsworth Council, who received £274,224.

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