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Cameron calls on EU to double Ebola funding

David Cameron has called for EU leaders to double their funding in the fight against Ebola to £800 million.

It comes after one of the doctors who discovered the virus, Professor Peter Piot, said the rest of Europe was not doing enough to tackle the epidemic.

Downing Street said the current total contribution from the EU was just £400 million.

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Saudi man tested for Ebola virus after business trip

A 40-year-old businessman is being tested for the Ebola virus in Saudi Arabia after displaying symptoms of a serious tick-borne viral disease following a trip to Sierra Leone.

The Saudi Ministry of Health said the patient has been taken to an isolated ward at a hospital in Jeddah and is in a critical condition with suspected viral haemorrhagic fever.

The ministry said: "The source of his infection could be one of several viruses, including Ebola virus because of his recent travel to a country in which there is an active outbreak of the disease."

The ministry said while viral haemorrhagic fevers have been found in Saudi Arabia, there has never been a case of Ebola in the Kingdom. Initial tests for the Dengue virus proved negative.

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