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Daily Aspirin 'can significantly reduce risk of cancer'

People who take a daily dose of Aspirin could significantly reduce their risk of developing major cancers, a new study suggests.

Research found that if everyone in the UK aged 50 to 64 took aspirin for a decade an estimated 130,357 cancer deaths could be avoided over 20 years.

But medical professionals have warned that no-one should take the drug regularly without speaking to their GP first, because of the possible side effects.

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Bowel cancer deaths 'could be cut by 40% by aspirin'

A daily dose of aspirin could cut bowel cancer deaths by 40%, according to new research.

Scientists at Queen Mary's Centre for Cancer Prevention also found:

  • Bowel cancer rates could be cut by 35% and deaths by 40%.
  • Rates of stomach cancer could be reduced by 30% and deaths by 35%.
  • Oesophageal cancer rates could be cut by 30% and deaths by 50%.
  • Rates of lung and prostate could fall by 5% and 10% and deaths from both by 15%.
  • Breast cancer rates could reduce by 10% and mortality by 5%.

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