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Gammy: Biological parents deny wanting to leave him behind

The biological parents of baby Gammy said they wanted him as well as his twin sister but feared losing both children when the surrogate mother threatened to involve the police.

David and Wendy Farnell were criticised for leaving the seven-month-old in Thailand after finding out he had Down's syndrome, while returning home to Australia with his healthy sister Pipah.

But the pair told 60 Minutes on Australia's Channel Nine, that they had little choice but to leave Thailand after the children's surrogate mother Pattaramon Janbua had told them "if we try to take our little boy, she's going to get the police and she's going to keep both of the babies".

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Neighbour: Gammy's father told friends baby had died

The father of a baby with Down's Syndrome allegedly abandoned in Thailand told his friends that the boy had died, a neighbour has told Australia's 7 Perth News.

The woman, who did not wish to be identified, told the news station: "He said, 'I'm really upset' and [was] crying.

"He said, 'Oh the baby girl survived but the baby boy didn't make it'."

Asked about claims regarding the father's alleged criminal past, she added, "They are a really good family ... since he moved to our neighbourhood he's a really good person".

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