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Rosetta spacecraft catches icy comet after 10-year journey

A European spacecraft has arrived at a comet more than 250 million miles away - bringing a 10-year journey across the solar system to an end.

Since launching in March 2004, Rosetta has travelled more than four billion miles across the asteroid belt and more than five times the Earth's distance from the Sun.

Rosetta has now entered orbit around the comet.

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Rosetta spacecraft will attempt historic comet landing

The Rosetta spacecraft will attempt another historic milestone when it tries to become the first vehicle to land on a comet, according to the vessel's operations manager.

The spacecraft Rosetta will attempt to land on comet. Credit: PA

The European Space Agency's Sylvain Lodiot said many as five possible landing sites will be identified on comet 67P/C-G before an attempt to land the craft is conducted in November.

He said: “Arriving at the comet is really only just the beginning of an even bigger adventure."

He added: “Over the next few months, in addition to characterising the comet nucleus and setting the bar for the rest of the mission, we will begin final preparations for another space history first: landing on a comet.”

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