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Businesses 'could lose billions unless they adapt to dementia'

Businesses could lose billions as the "huge impact" of dementia is revealed, a new report warns.

Employees changing work patterns or even quitting due to the demands of caring is expected to increase dramatically as the number of sufferers rise, according to Public Health England.

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Companies 'must support those affected by dementia'

Companies must show greater support to the increasing number of people affected by dementia, a charity has said.

A new report suggests businesses could lose billions due to the demands of caring for the condition.

Thousands of people affected by dementia are forced to give up work and are denied a lifeline because of the failure of organisations to change the way they do business.

As the condition touches the lives of more people, businesses must gear up to support all people with dementia; staff and customers alike.

– Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of Alzheimer's Society

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