Man sets fire to own house after torching ants nest

A man has set fire to his own house after trying to torch an ants nest by dousing it with petrol and lighting it. The incident in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, follows a similar blaze earlier this week in Bridgend, South Wales, when a man managed to start a fire at his home as he tried to kill a spider with an aerosol spray.

The resident set light to the petrol, but the resulting fire spread to a garden hedge which burnt fiercely, melting plastic guttering, a plastic window frame and a garden chair

– South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue said they were called out to the house in Pear Tree Avenue, Bramley, Rotherham, at about 8pm last night. A spokesman said the man had initially set light to his hedge but this spread to the outside of his house.