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Summer 'increases drink-driving'

Motorists are more likely to drink and drive in the summer, new research has found.

Over half of those who admitted driving over the limit to the study by said that they did so in June, July or August.

These findings come as the Department of Transport released its final drink-driving statistics for 2012, revealing that 230 people were killed.

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Warm weather 'encourages drink-driving'

This year's particularly warm summer could be putting road-users at risk, as a new study finds warm weather encourages drink-driving.

Over half of motorists are more tempted to drink in the summer, the survey found. Credit: PA

The research, by, shows that over half of motorist believe there is more temptation to drink alcohol during the summer months.

Of those who admitted driving over the limit in the survey, 54% said they did so in June, July or August.

The study also found that a third of motorists find it more sociable to enjoy a drink at this time of year.

But it's not driving home from a night out that is the problem - the Association of Chief Police Officers say that more people fail breath tests between 6am and 11am than between 11pm and 1am, as they drive home the morning after not realising alcohol is still in their systems.

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