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Voters 'increasingly anxious' over Scotland's economy

Support for independence has increased despite growing anxiety about how a Yes vote would affect Scotland's economy and international standing, according to a survey.

The latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey found support for a Yes vote increased from 36% to 39% during the last 12 months, while No support fell from 64% to 61%, excluding undecided voters.

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Independence 'would lead to fresh austerity in Scotland'

Independence would lead to fresh austerity measures for families in Scotland, the Scottish Labour leader has warned.

Johann Lamont said spending cuts or tax rises to maintain public services were likely if the Yes vote succeeded, with families and the poorest most likely to be affected.

Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont. Credit: PA Wire

She is expected to launch a fresh attack against Alex Salmond's plans for independence in a speech in Glasgow on Sunday.

"Salmond may rave against austerity but he knows a new, additional wave of austerity would come after independence. The independent experts tell us we face spending cuts or tax rises to maintain what we have now," she will say.

"That means cuts to our NHS, our schools, our pensions and our social security. And as that new wave hits, Salmond offers no hope for ordinary people, just tax cuts for the bankers and the rich."

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