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Youngsters 'likely to use social media than help person in need'

Almost one in 10 youngsters would immediately take to social media to tell their friends and followers if they saw a stranger in a risky situation, a poll suggests.

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Epileptic woman speaks of ordeal after men film seizure

A poll has been released over young people's use of social media, after an epileptic woman spoke out about two strangers who refused to help her during a fit but were instead laughing and filming her on their mobile phones. Maggie O'Connor was walking her dog Dillion in Colchester, Essex, when she had a fit. She wrote on Facebook:

Today I had a seizure walking the dog at the priory. It was a bad one. I'm not going to lie I wet myself and bit my tongue, so had blood down my front. This I'm all used to. It's been a long time since I've felt upset by having a seizure in public. But today when I came round Dillion was standing over me which made me look up to see two lads laughing and filming me on their phones.

Even though I had woken up they only stopped filming because the dog started growling. One even took the time to do a close up of my face... these lads should be shamed for their behaviour.

– Maggie O'Connor

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