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Headteachers plan own school league tables

Headteachers are to publish their own independent exam school league tables, bypassing any political involvement.

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Govt school tables 'too crude at defining success'

Performance in schools has become a way for successive governments to attempt to influence the decisions that headteachers make about running their schools, the chief executive of United Learning said, after it was announced that headteachers would publish their own league tables.

This is too crude an approach to defining a great school or encouraging improvement and at different times, it has been detrimental in different ways.

What parents want to know and what heads want to offer is much greater than the predominant focus on any single measure would suggest. Exam data is of course a key element of this, but it's not the only one that parents are interested in and it's not the only one that defines how well a school is doing.

– Jon Coles, chief executive of United Learning

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