Lifeguards rescue 32 people in 1 hour at Cornish beach

Lifeguards rescued 32 people in just one hour from gnarly rip tides and large waves at Polzeath beach in Cornwall on Tuesday.

The water at the popular holiday destination was so full of swimmers and bodyboarders that lifeguards stayed on for one-and-a-half hours after their shift to ensure their safety.

Lifeguards come to the rescue of bathers at Polzeath in Cornwall Credit: RNLI

Senior lifeguard Ben Miskowicz explained how he and a colleague stood on the cliffs to direct the lifeguards in the water to flailing bathers.

He said: "I could see how strong the rip was, when the lifeguards stopped paddling on the rescue board they were pulled away very quickly, it was incredibly strong."

Bathers have been advised to speak to lifeguards about the potential hazards before entering the water.