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Local chemists 'could do more to help GPs'

Pharmacies could do more to help take the pressure off over-stretched GPs, according to a new study.

Research by Durham University has found most people in the UK live within easy walking distance of a chemist.

This, and not needing an appointment, means pharmacies are well placed to offer greater support in tackling the obesity crisis, excess drinking and smoking, the experts behind the study said.

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Pharmacies aren't just for 'toothpaste and creams'

"The government needs to make people aware of all the extended services available in a community pharmacy," Raj Patel, a chemist from Kingston told Good Morning Britain, "It's not just your toothpaste and creams."

Mr Patel supports today's recommendation by a group of experts that pharmacists take more of the weight off GPs by helping to tackle heath problems such as obesity.

He says there are already many more services available at pharmacies than people realise.

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