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Business lobby group: EU energy rules 'destroying UK jobs'

European Union energy rules have played a growing role in 'destroying British jobs', an independent business campaign group claims.

According to a report by Business for Britain, rising energy costs threaten 1.5 million jobs in the energy intensive sector, with 363,000 being at high risk.

The group concludes that member states need the power to "block, amend or leave" EU laws.

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UK energy policies 'creating jobs'

Low carbon policies are creating jobs in the UK, a Government spokesperson said, responding to a new report which claims EU energy rules - including on emissions targets - threaten British jobs.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change spokeswoman said:

The UK's energy policies are designed to keep the lights on, cut energy use and reduce polluting emissions, at the lowest possible cost to gas and electricity customers.

Our move to a low-carbon future is bringing thousands of jobs and investment to every corner of the country. Since 2010, £45 billion has been invested, and by 2020 we expect to see 250,000 jobs supported by the low carbon sector.

– A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokeswoman

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