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Moving Trident out of Scotland is 'not impossible'

Relocating the UK's nuclear deterrent out of an independent Scotland is not impossible but would cost far less than previously predicted, experts have suggested.

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Ministry of Defence: 'No plans to move Trident'

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman has said there are no plans to move the Trident nuclear submarine out of Scotland. It follows research suggesting that should Scotland become independent the costs of moving the weapons programme would not be as complex as previously thought.

The nuclear deterrent is the ultimate guarantor of our nation's security and no alternative would be as effective at deterring threats now or in the future. There are no plans to move Trident from Her Majesty's Naval Base Clyde and unilateral disarmament is not an option.

We are not planning for Scottish independence and as such it is difficult to estimate the total costs, or how long it would take, to replicate the facilities at Faslane, but it would likely cost taxpayers billions of pounds and take many years.

– Ministry of Defence spokeswoman

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