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Fighting intensifies in eastern Ukraine

Fighting has started again in eastern Ukraine between government troops and separatist rebels, Ukrainian military officials said.

Yesterday a missile killed at least 15 refugees who were trying to flee the area "burning them alive". More bodies may still be recovered.

This comes days after a convoy of aid supplies travelled to the country from Moscow but Ukraine is still to let them in over fears it could spark an invasion.

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Putin: Bloodshed in Ukraine must stop

President Vladimir Putin said Russia "would do its utmost to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine", where government forces are fighting a pro-Russian rebellion in the east.

Vladimir Putin arrives to Crimea. Credit: REUTERS

"We will do everything in our power so that this conflict is ended as soon as possible, so that the blood can stop flowing in Ukraine," Putin said during a visit to the Crimea region, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine earlier this year.

The president said Russians needed to mobilise for benefit of their country but not for conflict with outside world.

"We must calmly, with dignity and effectively build up our country, not fence it off from the outside world," Putin said.

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