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Fighting intensifies in eastern Ukraine

Fighting has started again in eastern Ukraine between government troops and separatist rebels, Ukrainian military officials said.

Yesterday a missile killed at least 15 refugees who were trying to flee the area "burning them alive". More bodies may still be recovered.

This comes days after a convoy of aid supplies travelled to the country from Moscow but Ukraine is still to let them in over fears it could spark an invasion.

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Military hardware 'continues to cross Ukrainian border'

More than 70 pieces of Russian military equipment crossed the border into Ukraine overnight, Lithuania's foreign minister has claimed.

The contents of a Russian aid truck is seen. Credit: Reuters

Ukrainian border officials began inspecting 280 Russian trucks containing humanitarian aid destined for eastern Ukraine, amid fears it may be used as a cover for a military operation.

"We are very much concerned about the situation developing because, on the one hand, we are talking very much about this so-called humanitarian convoy but, at the same time, we see that escalation continues, and we have reports that during the night 70 pieces of military equipment again entered through the border," Linas Linkevicius told reporters.

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