Police officers 'continue to fail' new fitness tests

Credit: PA Images

Hundreds of police officers are still failing new fitness tests which are due to become compulsory in weeks, official figures show.

Some 352 officers fell short with 2% failing overall in more than 13,000 tests across 32 forces, latest results from the professional standards body the College of Policing said.

After taking part in the 15-metre "bleep" shuttle run test, some 138 of the 10,265 male officers who took part, an average of 1%, and 214 of 3,693 female officers, an average of 6%, were unsuccessful.

The new fitness testing, which will become compulsory on September 1, was brought in after recommendations made by Chief Inspector of Constabulary Tom Winsor.

If an officer fails the fitness test at the first attempt, it is advised that at least two retakes are permitted before forces use "unsatisfactory performance" against the participating officer.