Women 'posing for photos' on M6 taken to station

Three women who were "posing for photos" on one of the UK's busiest motorways have been taken to a police station.

The women stopped on the M6 - regarded as one of the UK's busiest motorways - to pose for photos. Credit: PA Wire

West Midlands Police received "numerous calls" about three women who had pulled over on the hard shoulder of the M6 to take pictures at around 11am on Friday morning.

Officers responded and found the women on the hard shoulder of a slip road which leads from the A38M Aston Expressway at Birmingham to junction six of the M6 northbound.

The women were taken to a police station for a "debrief", West Midlands Police said.

The force later said it was the day for "motorway shenanigans" after a man with a shopping trolley was spotted on another of the M6's slip roads.

He told officers he was "waiting for someone", but was advised to leave.