Mourners gather for funeral of US teenager Michael Brown

Hundreds of people are gathering for the funeral of Michael Brown, the unarmed American teenager who was shot dead by police on 9th August.

Speaking ahead of the ceremony, the teen's father called for calm, saying: "We need a moment of silence on our son. We need peace on his going-away."

Three White House officials will attend the service.

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Missouri Governor justifies curfew in Ferguson

The governor of Missouri has said the best way to guarantee security in Ferguson after the shooting of teenager Michael Brown a week ago is for everyone to get home by midnight and get a "good solid five hours' sleep".

People listening to Governor Jay Nixon's press conference asked him "Why is the focus on security, not on getting justice?"

The governor said "If we want justice, we cannot be distracted, we must be focused on making sure that people are allowed their First Amendment rights but we do so in a peaceful fashion. We cannot have looting and crimes at night, we can't have people fearful."

Someone in the crowd then called out: "We can't have police officers killing people."

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