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US journalist released from Syria 'overwhelmed with emotion'

A US journalist released earlier this week after almost two years of imprisonment in Syria said he was "overwhelmed with emotion" because of the attention he has received upon returning home.

Peter Theo Curtis, 45, was captured in 2012 by Nusra Front and was only released on Sunday.

He said: "I suddenly remember how good the American people are, and what kindness they have in their hearts."

Meanwhile, Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, who is suspected of fighting with Islamic State militants operating in Iraq and Syria, has been killed in the Middle East, a US security official has said.

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UN resolution sends Islamic State a 'clear message'

Credit: Reuters

The unanimous adoption of a United Nations Security Council resolution designed to choke off funding and recruits for Islamic State (IS) and other terrorist groups sends a "clear political message" that the world will act to tackle the threat, the UK's ambassador said.

Sanctions including a travel ban are being imposed on six prominent figures including the IS spokesman and the resolution warns action will also be taken against others held responsible for financing or recruiting foreign fighters

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