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Second man held over people found in Tilbury Docks container

A second man has been arrested in Northern Ireland in connection with the death of a man and discovery of 34 other immigrants in a shipping container at Tilbury Docks, Essex Police said.

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Belgium police look for driver in container investigation

Belgium police believe migrants rescued from a shipping container were already inside when it was dropped at a European port before leaving for Britain.

One man died and 34 others were taken to hospital after they were found inside a container. Credit: PA Wire

Thirty-five people - including a man who later died - were discovered in a container at Tilbury Docks early yesterday morning.

Peter De Waele, spokesman for the Federal Police in Belgium, said investigators were "very hopeful" of tracking down the driver and vehicle that dropped the container at Zeebrugge port.

"We think that the possibility [is that] the victims were already on the container before it was put down in Zeebrugge because in that area it is rather impossible to put 35 people in that container," he told the Press Association.

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