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'Thirteen more rescued' after Indonesian boat sinks

Two Brits are in hospital after being rescued from a boat which sank while travelling between islands in Indonesia. Another 13 were said to have been rescued overnight, according to Agence France Presse.

The Foreign Office said they were aware of the incident and "stand ready to offer consular assistance to any other British nationals who may be involved."

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European and New Zealand tourists survive boat ordeal

Tourists from New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands are thought to be among those rescued after a boat reportedly hit a reef in bad weather during the three-day journey in Indonesia.

While two Britons were among the survivors, the fate of the other 15 people on board, thought to be of various nationalities and reportedly including four Indonesian crew members and Indonesian guide, is not yet known.

Survivors pictured helped getting out of truck Credit: APTV
Survivors pictured getting out from truck and walking into clinic Credit: APTV

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