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New report calls for alcohol tax to fund rehabilitation

A 'treatment tax' should be added to the cost of alcohol in shops to fund a new generation of rehabilitation centres and stem the tide of Britain's addiction problem, according to a new report by the Centre for Social Justice.

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Norman Baker: Drug use is primarily a health issue

A review by the Home Office, expected to be approved within weeks, has suggested that the people who run websites offering legal highs and the owners of head shops should face tougher penalties under consumer laws.

Liberal Democrat minister Norman Baker Credit: PA

Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat minister in charge of the review, also wants responsibility for drugs policy to be moved from the Home Office to the Department of Health. His party says the key to tackling drug addiction is rehabilitation rather than criminal penalties. Speaking to the Sunday Times (£), Mr Baker said:

It is time to face the fact that drug use is primarily a health issue and the way of reducing drug use is to deal with it as health issue.

Sunday is my birthday and we are having a family gathering and there’ll be an empty chair there. You just never recover from that.

– Norman Baker

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