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Cliff Richard 'not charged or arrested' after police interview

Sir Cliff Richard has been interviewed by South Yorkshire Police, his spokesman has said today. He voluntarily met with officers and was not arrested or charged.

The BBC was accused of a "cover up" over its role in the police raid on Sir Cliff Richard's flat, following an allegation of sexual assault.

Director General Tony Hall said BBC journalists "acted appropriately" in their coverage of the police raid on Cliff Richard's flat following a sexual assault allegation.

Sir Cliff has strongly denied any wrongdoing, saying an allegation of an historic sexual assault is false.

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Police watchdog calls for BBC to explain Sir Cliff leak

The policing watchdog has called for the BBC and the police force to explain the leak about the raid on Sir Cliff Richard's house.

Sir Cliff's Berkshire home was searched for five hours on Thursday. Credit: PA

Chief Constable Alex Marshall, chief executive of the College of Policing, said if the disclosure was unauthorised it would contravene the code of ethics and those responsible should be held to account.

He said: "It is paramount that investigations are conducted fairly, impartially and with integrity.

"The BBC have said that it was not South Yorkshire Police who first alerted them to this investigation and have not confirmed where the information came from.

"If the information was an unauthorised disclosure from within policing then it would be contrary to the Code of Ethics and the person concerned should be held to account.

"The presence of a BBC film crew at the scene of a police search, usually a closely guarded secret, has attracted understandable attention. It is for South Yorkshire Police and the BBC to explain the circumstances of this case."

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