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US journalist released from Syria 'overwhelmed with emotion'

A US journalist released earlier this week after almost two years of imprisonment in Syria said he was "overwhelmed with emotion" because of the attention he has received upon returning home.

Peter Theo Curtis, 45, was captured in 2012 by Nusra Front and was only released on Sunday.

He said: "I suddenly remember how good the American people are, and what kindness they have in their hearts."

Meanwhile, Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, who is suspected of fighting with Islamic State militants operating in Iraq and Syria, has been killed in the Middle East, a US security official has said.

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Mosul Dam battle continues despite victory claims

Kurdish forces have been saying they have taken the Mosul Dam for the past 24 hours but while we've been watching the battle is still very much going on.

There is the sound of American jet bombers overhead and the evidence in front of me is thick plumes of smoke on the dam itself.

Clearly there have still been pockets of resistance from the Islamic State (IS) with fighters holed up in two control towers in the dam, and in some verges close by.

The battle for Mosul Dam continues despite Kurdish claims of victory.

While we have been here, we have witnessed a huge convoy of Kurdish fighters heading in and exhausted troops coming out.

Despite three days of US air strikes and weapons supplied from the West, this has been a pretty tough fight indeed for the Kurds.

But let's not forget the Islamic State are the best armed, best organised and richest terrorist organisation that the world has ever seen.

Beyond the Mosul Dam, there is large swathes of Iraq which the Islamic State still controls.

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