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Women 'earning 23% less than men' in management roles

Women in management position still earn significantly less than their male counterparts, according to a new report.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) said average bonuses for company directors were lower for women, at just under £42,000, compared with over £53,000 for men.

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Women 'should be paid depending on performance'

Lower levels of pay for women managers cannot be justified, the chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute has said, after a new report suggested that the pay gap was widening.

Women and men should be paid on the basis of their performance in their particular roles, but this is clearly not yet the case for far too many. It's not right that women would have to work until almost 80 for the same pay rewards as men.

We have to stamp out cultures that excuse this as the result of time out for motherhood and tackle gender bias in pay policies that put too much emphasis on time served.

– Ann Francke, Chartered Management Institute chief executive

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