Brits are 'ignorant' of sunburn risks, poll reveals

A survey has shown Brits are "ignorant" of the risks of sunburn with one in five believing you cannot burn if you already have a tan.

The research, by Macmillan Cancer Support, found 22 per cent did not realise they could get sunburnt through a window. While two per cent thought it was possible to get burned at night during a full moon.

Avoid sunburn by using a high SPF suncream and staying out of the midday sun. Credit: PA

As well as ignoring the risks 33 per cent of those questioned admitted using sun cream which was out of date and 19 per cent said they used tanning oil instead.

Carol Goodman, a skin cancer nurse specialist on the Macmillan Support Line, said the research highlighted "a very real problem" when it comes to British attitudes towards tanning and sunburn.

She said: "UK skin cancer death rates are amongst some of the worst in the world and this is largely because many people are still very ignorant about the risks of the sun.

"But the risks are very real. Sun tan lotion goes out of date after 12 months so it's important to make sure you stock up each year. Tanning oils have very low SPF protection and therefore mean you are more likely to get burnt.

"It is vital to protect your skin when out in the sun by using sun tan lotion with an SPF of at least 30, wearing sun protective clothing, including hats and sunglasses, or staying in the shade between the hours of 11am and 3pm."