Endangered Lar Gibbon born at east Sussex zoo

Drusillas Park in East Sussex has welcomed an endangered baby Lar gibbon to the Sussex zoo.

The newborn, who is believed to be a boy, will be nursed by its mother, Tali, for up to two years in the family enclosure where its father, Ulu, and three-year-old brother, Sholo, also live.

The Lar Gibbon, believed to be a boy, was born at Drusillas Park, near Alfriston, East Sussex. Credit: Drusillas Park/PA Wire

A Drusillas Park spokeswoman said: "Lar gibbons are one of the most beautiful and graceful members of the ape family."

The newborn became the zoo's newest addition to the family of four. Credit: Drusillas Park/PA Wire

"Sadly, they are now considered an endangered species and Ulu and Tali were introduced at Drusillas in 2005, as part of the European breeding programme," she added.