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Many councils 'have no system to collect neglect data'

Many councils do not know how many children in their area are likely to suffer from neglect, according to a charity.

New research by Action for Children suggests that around 60% of local authorities do not have systems in place to collect information that would give early warning signs that youngsters are being neglected.

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Failing to collect data 'devastating impact' on neglect

The Department for Education has admitted that councils need to gather information to spot early signs of neglect, after a report suggested around 60% of local authorities were missing key structures to address the situation.

We agree that councils need to gather information to spot the early signs of neglect, which can have devastating consequences for the most vulnerable.

[We] are overhauling the training and evaluation of social workers to give trainees the expertise they need to tackle neglect. We have also given the NSPCC over £11 million to run a comprehensive 24/7 advice and reporting service for those who have concerns about a child, and are developing training materials with the sector to help improve practice in this area.

– Spokeswoman, Department for Education

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