Protesters place Ukrainian flag atop Moscow skyscraper

Four people who climbed a Moscow skyscraper today and attached a Ukrainian flag to its spire have been charged with vandalism by Russian police and may face three years in jail.

The protesters also managed to paint half a massive yellow star at the top of the spire with blue paint, so it resembled the yellow-and-blue national colours of Ukraine.

Photo purporting to show a man takes a 'selfie' as he holds a Ukrainian flag atop a building in Moscow Credit: REUTERS/Ilya Varlamov

A photograph on social media, which could not be verified independently, showed a man in a climbing harness, standing on top of the star, with the Ukrainian flag tied to one of its points. He appeared to be taking a "selfie".

The building is one of seven skyscrapers in the city dating back to Stalin era. The tallest of the buildings, Moscow State University, stands at 240 metres.