Rare baby chimp Velu is unveiled at Edinburgh Zoo

Rare baby chimpanzee Velu could be viewed for the first time today at Edinburgh Zoo.

Velu clings to mum Heleen as she cuddles him. Credit: Edinburgh Zoo

The eight-week old was reunited with mum Heleen and the rest of the group after being accepted into his new family's complex hierarchy.

Velu is a pure Western chimpanzee, which are an endangered species and usually found in rainforests of west and central Africa.

But he is the first chimpanzee to be successfully reared in Scotland for 15 years.

Heleen puckers up and appears to give Velu a kiss. Credit: Edinburgh Zoo

Sophie Pearson, team leader at the Budongo Trail where the chimps are housed, said: "We are extremely proud that Heleen is successfully raising Velu and that he has been accepted into the group.

"Chimpanzee babies are absolutely gorgeous and the great thing about them from a visitor's point of view is that they don't really start growing up until they are five years old, so he'll be on his mother's back and look cute for several years."

Little Velu opens his eyes as mum Heleen has a snooze. Credit: Edinburgh Zoo