Some 94% have barbecue habit 'posing risk to health'

Almost all Britons make risky hygiene mistakes at the barbecue, research has found, leading a Government body to suggest they cook the food in the oven first.

Some 94% of people say they have at least one habit at the barbecue that risks the health of them and their guests, while one in five (21%) believe they have been ill due to something they have eaten as a result, a poll for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) found.

Survey finds 19% of barbecue cooks do not keep raw and cooked food on separate plates Credit: Bodo Marks/DPA/Press Association Images

More than half of Britons (54%) are set to take advantage of the approaching Bank Holiday weekend to enjoy what could be the last barbecue of the summer before returning to work or school.

The survey found that just over half (51%) risk cross-contaminating food by using the same tongs for raw and cooked meats.