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Iraqi forces reach jihadist-besieged town of Amerli

Iraqi forces have broken through the Islamic State-besieged town of Amerli where thousands of people were trapped for over two months, according to news agency AFP.

Security spokesman Lieutenant General Qassem Atta told AFP: "Our forces entered Amerli and broke the siege".

RAF transport planes took part in a humanitarian air drop to the town last night, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said.

US aircraft also launched airstrikes against IS fighters near the besieged town.

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Jihadist's voice could be matched to terror database

Security services are likely to attempt to match the voice of James Foley's killer to a database of terror suspects' voices, a forensic voice and speech analyst has told ITV News.

Elizebeth McClelland told ITV News experts the first thing investigators would have to do would be to find "reference samples" from a database, before those could be automatically matched against the voice heard in the shocking Islamic State video.

She added that the process could be made "reasonably quick" by analysing the detail of vowel and consonant sounds, rhythm, pitch, intonation and voice quality - though the evidence gained would only be "part of a bigger jigsaw" to identify the suspect.

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