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Cameron calls on EU to double Ebola funding

David Cameron has called for EU leaders to double their funding in the fight against Ebola to £800 million.

It comes after one of the doctors who discovered the virus, Professor Peter Piot, said the rest of Europe was not doing enough to tackle the epidemic.

Downing Street said the current total contribution from the EU was just £400 million.

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New Ebola advice drawn up after US workers' recovery

Doctors are developing guidelines to help medical staff in Africa treat Ebola patients, based on their findings from two US workers who have recovered from the virus.

Dr Kent Brantly and aid worker Nancy Writebol have now been discharged from Emory University Hospital after contracting the disease while working in Liberia.

Dr Bruce Ribner, from the hospital's infectious disease unit Credit: AP Direct

Dr Bruce Ribner, from the hospital's infectious disease unit, said they had measured their recovery by an absence of the virus in blood tests, and their symptoms had improved for two to three consecutive days.

We did learn a number of things in terms of fluid and electrolyte replacement and blood clotting abnormalities which frankly our colleagues in Africa don't have the capability to detect.

We are in the process of developing several guidelines which will be disseminated to the practitioners in Africa saying 'even if you can't measure this, this is something we have found and there are things you can do to try to improve outcomes in your patients.'

– Dr Bruce Ribner, Emory University Hospital

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