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Food aid convoy for 150,000 people enters Gaza

A United Nations World Food Programme convoy carrying food for 150,000 people has entered Gaza for the first time since 2007, it has been announced.

The aid reached the Rafah crossing from Egypt after a seven-hour drive from Alexandria, the organisation said.

An open-ended ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has so far held, with both sides claiming victory after the seven-week conflict.

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'At least 40' Palestinians wounded in Israeli air strikes

At least 40 Palestinians were wounded and four killed by Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip today, Palestinian medical and health officials said.

Israeli forces carried out more than 25 air strikes in Gaza while more than 80 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, according to reports.

A paramedic instructs bystanders at a Gaza City hospital today Credit: Reuters

There were chaotic scenes in hospitals in Gaza City as the conflict raged for a fourth day since the latest ceasefire broke down on Tuesday.

A wounded man is brought into a Gaza City hospital on a stretcher Credit: Reuters

More than 2,070 Palestinians have since been killed in the conflict, most of them civilians, while large areas of Gaza have been destroyed. Sixty-four Israeli soldiers and four civilians in Israel have been killed.

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