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Joining the Euro would be Alex Salmond's 'only realistic plan B'

The euro would be Alex Salmond's "only realistic plan B" for the currency of an independent Scotland, according to shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

He told the Observer newspaper that he feared Scotland would end up finding that joining the euro would be "the least worst of all the bad options."

Along with Chancellor George Osborne and Scottish Lib Dem Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander, Balls has ruled out a formal currency union and he reiterated that sharing the pound was "off the table."

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Currency plan 'couldn't be more important' for Scotland

Alex Salmond needs to explain to voters what currency Scotland would use if it leaves the UK, a spokesperson for the Better Together campaign said.

This couldn't be more important. We need to know what money our wages, pensions and benefits would be paid in.

How can we have confidence about the future if we don't know what currency we would use to pay our shopping and energy bills? We have no idea what money we would use to pay for our NHS if we left the UK.

Alex Salmond wants us to vote for independence on the basis of his blind faith and guesswork alone. We should say no thanks to taking on so much risk.

– Better Together spokesperson

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