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Students 'should not be included in immigration cuts'

Britons do not see international students as immigrants and are opposed to attempts to reduce their number in a bid to lower net immigration, according to a new study.

The report suggests the Government should remove them from immigration targets and support attempts to attract even more to come here to study. It was carried out by the British Future think tank and Universities UK, the representative organisation of the country's universities.

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Heseltine: 'Students not causing immigration anxiety'

Overseas students should not be part of the debate on immigration, according to the former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine.

Lord Heseltine said people don't perceive students as immigrants. Credit: PA

Students are "not the sort of people that are causing the anxiety about immigration," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme, in response to a new report that suggests the Government should remove them from immigration targets.

He added: "I think that students are really not what people perceive as immigrants."

Foreign students not only bring financial stability to Britain's universities which allow them to maintain standards of excellence but he said they also have an ambassadorial role which students take with them in the world, he said.

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