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Poorer areas hit by bigger spending cuts, Labour claims

Hard-up parts of England have been hit by spending cuts 16 times greater than the most affluent areas since the Coalition took power, Labour has claimed.

Households in the London borough of Newham have been hardest hit with spending power down by £1,002 while neighbouring Hackney was close behind on £973, according to the research.

Some Surrey local authorities saw an increase, with Elmbridge up by £41 for every home and Waverley by £26, the study showed.

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Labour 'will hike taxes and reduce local services'

The government has attacked Labour for "massive waste and inefficiency" after the opposition claimed cuts to local authorities were hitting poor areas hardest.

Kris Hopkins says Labour had wasted council tax receipts. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive

He added that councils "need to do their bit" to pay off the deficit by cutting fraud, working more closely together and with better procurement.

Under Labour council tax bills more than doubled whilst local services like bin collections halved. Ed Miliband would hike up taxes on people's homes, and in Wales, the Labour Government are now actively supporting monthly bin collections. It's clear under Labour, you pay more and get less.

Local government, which accounts for a quarter of public spending, was strangled in red tape by Labour who turned a blind eye to massive waste and inefficiency in the public sector and ran up massive public debts.

– Kris Hopkins, Local Government Minister

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