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Shaun Wright steps down as PCC after Rotherham report pressure

Shaun Wright has stepped down as South Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner after weeks of pressure over the Rotherham sexual abuse scandal, his office has announced.

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Abused children 'let down' by Rotherham agencies

Abused children 'let down' by Rotherham agencies Credit: ITV News

A report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, South Yorkshire highlights the "consistent failures" to protect children at the hands of predatory groups of men, the NSPCC said. John Cameron, head of NSPCC helpline added:

It appears there was at a senior level a collective blindness over many years to the suffering of children who endured almost incomprehensible levels of violence and intimidation. Many of these children were already extremely vulnerable and the manner in which they were let down by agencies entrusted to protect them is appalling.

Cultural sensitivities should never stand in the way of protecting children. It is hard to imagine the damage caused to victims who were preyed upon with almost impunity over many years, because of a reluctance to comprehend or address what was widely happening.

– John Cameron, head of NSPCC helpline

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