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WHO: E-cigarettes should be banned indoors

The World Health Organisation has said electronic cigarettes should be banned indoors.

In a new report the organisation added that the devices should be regulated to "minimise content and emissions of toxicants".

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E-cigarettes contain 'cancer causing substances'

E-cigarettes contain "a few cancer causing substances" and there is not enough evidence that they help smokers to quit, according to a World Health Organisation (WHO) manager who is calling for their regulation.

Dr Armando Peruga, Programme Manager of WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative said nicotine is "a key component of electronic cigarettes and affects the brain development of adolescents and foetuses of pregnant women."

He added: "Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and other chemicals and usually a few cancer causing substances although a much lower level than a conventional cigarette, it doesn't mean that there not without risk."

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