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Police forces to reveal stop and search data

Police forces across the country have agreed to publish all outcomes of controversial stop and search measures by its officers, under a new Home Office scheme.

Forty three forces across England and Wales - including the The Metropolitan Police Service - has signed up to the Best Use of Stop and Search code of conduct.

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'More to do' to improve confidence in stop and search

As the Metropolitan Police joined other forces around England and Wales in a pledge to publish data on all outcomes of stop and search measures, the UK's largest force said that it recognises that "more needs to be done" to improve faith in the controversial scheme.

We recognise the impact stop and search can have on individuals and communities.

Our work with communities and monitoring groups is helping to ensure we are more transparent than ever in how stop and search helps to reduce crime and keep people safe, but we of course recognise there is much more to do to improve confidence across all communities in the use of the powers.

– Commander Adrian Hanstock, the Metropolitan Police's lead for stop and search

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